Hide Ink Temporary Tattoo Cover Up - LIGHT COMBO (6-Pack)
Hide Ink Temporary Tattoo Cover Up - LIGHT COMBO (6-Pack)
Hide Ink Temporary Tattoo Cover Up - LIGHT COMBO (6-Pack)
Hide Ink Temporary Tattoo Cover Up - LIGHT COMBO (6-Pack)

Hide Ink Temporary Tattoo Cover Up - LIGHT COMBO (6-Pack)

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Temporary tattoo covers in skin tones to cover real tattoos by Hide Ink.  Available in 12 skin tone colors including Light Combo Pack (6-Colors) to get a close match to your skin tone.  Extremely easy to apply and dries quickly.  Lasts for 3 days or more.

  • Colors: Ivory, Lite, Pale, Fair, Olive, Tan - 6-Pack (1 of each color)
  • Covers tattoos on the fingers, feet, hands, neck and other areas hard to cover
  • Quick application with no drying time
  • Waterproof, smudge and smear proof
  • Lasts for 3 or more days
  • Conforms to the exact shape of your tattoo
  • Removes easily when you are ready
  • Made in the USA with quality FDA approved ingredients

Hide Ink Temporary Tattoos are not meant to be perfect looking, they are just an easy way to temporarily hide your tattoo. Temporary Tattoo Covers for Everyday or Special Occasions - Simple and Easy to Use with No Mess and No Smearing - Water Proof and Long Lasting - Feels Like Your Skin - Cover Your Tattoo in About a Minute with Ease! Due to the boldness of the colors of some tattoos, you may need to apply a second cover over the first. Once applied, the cover(s) should last for a few days. It will appear shiny and sometimes “cracky” at first but that will go away over the first Day and will blend in more and cover better over time. The cover(s) will look and feel more like your skin by the second day. If your tattoo is in a “high skin movement area”, apply cover while skin is in a stretched position to help lessen this effect. If there is hair on the tattoo skin area, shaving the application area may help lessen cracking also. Please make sure your skin is Clean, Cool, Dry and in a stretched position (but not to stretched) when you apply the cover(s). Then make sure you leave it alone for the first few hours, so it has time to cure. After that, it should be very hard to get off. If it cracks, don't worry, it looks much better after a while and gets even better by the next day as the ink sets in. These covers are not meant to be a perfect match to all skin tones and types. They are an easy and convenient way to cover your tattoos with no mess or hassle. They are both waterproof and comfortable. If you need them to blend in better with your skin tone because you are using them for a special occasion, several of our customers have used foundation over the cover to make it match their skin better. This also gives a smoother appearance and covers any cracking. Also, they become more natural and darker looking over time, so after 24 hours they look more like skin and 2 layers is darker than one.

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