Here are some of the comments we have received from our great customers. You want to comment on your tattoo cover up experience? Click on the "contact us" button and tell us what you think. If you like, send us a photo of you using Tatjacket products as well. Also join us on Facebook for interesting information and discounts.

I will surely be recommending your products to everyone I know!

Rebecca Bowen Wilmington NC

Hi guys, I just received my shipment in the mail and I love them! Thank you again your product is fantastic! I love the free bumper sticker that came with it too!

Sally Reid Oceanside CA

I just received my tat jackets today and I love them. I am a car salesman so I always have to have my sleeves covered up. They are very comfortable, and easy on, easy off. Great product, and these will do great during our hot summer! Thanks again. Happy tat jacket customer from PA!

Chad Hamill Latrobe PA

I’m in love with Tatjacket.

Phoebe Boots Scottsbluff NE

I recently purchased your Ike Jacket from Amazon. What an amazing product!

James Moon Oakland CA

I just got my Tatjacket today from Tatjacket.com and I love it. Seeing that I live in Canada I order 2 packs of the tat jackets. They are perfect to cover my Tat even thou it annoys me that I have too. How sad that I have to hide beautiful art you think in 2015 we still have to hide a tat. But sadly you have to for certain jobs. Anyway over all shipping was fast and not $$. The tat jacket is very confortable and does the job. Thank you Tatjacket.com for having this option to hide my Tat.

Kevin Scott New Orleans LA

I have purchased the science maintenance clove lotion. I really like the product and will continue purchasing it, among other products I am eager to try out.


Great product. I work in law enforcement and I can't live without my full sleeves.

Tim H. Fellows, CA

I am required by my hospital job to cover my tattoos, which I have on my forearms and one hand/thumb. This is the first day I am wearing them (Tatjacket 4" Bands sleeves) and they are perfect. You barely even know you have them on. I purchased mine through Amazon... Overall I would suggest these to anyone. I get hot so don't like keeping a lab coat on for over 8 hours a day so this is a great option. Thank you..

Debbie Evans Douglassville, PA

Been using your product for work. I lost one and want more for when I put one in the laundry. Thanks for your awesome product that helps me keep my much needed job!!!!!

Julie Curran Chicago, Ill

Awesome product!!!

Tim McElheny Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to thank you for providing these products. I have purchased sleeves from you in the past, just purchased two more. Also purchased the tattoo concealer. Hoping it works as well as the sleeves. I am planning my next tattoo behind the ear which cannot be covered with a sleeve. Thanks!

Melinda Hossman Marietta OH

Hey guys, I just received your product (Tattoo Cover-Up Sleeves) and let me just say they far exceeded my expectations. Great fit, nice thick material covered even the darkest areas, and overall still comfortably breathable...thanks again

Dustin Beneda on Facebook

Just wanted to send you an email and say what an awesome product you have. I called and placed an order on 8/10/12 and it was at my home on 8/13. I got the Jr Tat jacket and it fits perfect! I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone I speak to! BTW I love motto “Because I love my ink but my boss doesn’t”!

Robert Schultz

I just wanted to say how much I love your product. In the last month I have ordered 3 pairs of sleeves. I work for a supermarket chain which requires employees to cover up body art. Seeing how I have work on both arms wearing a long sleeve polo shirt in the summer can be very uncomfortable. The material used in the sleeves I purchased from you is much more thin and a lot more bearable. Once again I would like to say thank you for your product and keep up the great work.

Tibby Driver

A big thank you to solving all my needs in tattoo care.

Nate Berry Evanston, IL

i recieved the product yesterday and they fit perfect and will be super effective and perfect for my job. thank you so much.

Steven Shaw Palmdale,CA

Muy contento con la compra, articulo de gran calidad y seriedad en la tienda. [Translated: I am very happy with my purchase. (the sleeves) in this store have great quality and reliability].

Francisco Santiago Galicia, Spain

Great product, does the job and comfy too!!! I will recommend to my friends!

Thomas Lucas Sarasota, FL

Hi, received my tat jacket today, it is awesome. So comfortable. I purchased a tan one and have just ordered a black one. Thanks guys, my new job isn't suitable for my tatts to be on display.

Jane Lomas Howrah, Australia

Thanks for the fast shipping! My tatjackets are more comfortable than I anticipated. I wear the halfsleeve jacket for 12 or more hours at a time and am pleased to report that it is very comfortable. Visibly tat's are prohibited by my employer. I though I would need to wait until I retired to start my full sleeves. Because of your product I was able to get a very early start on my dream of having two full sleeves. You guys are great!

Justin Hess Hummelstown, PA

Just wanted to let you know that I received the new sleeves. They worked out excellent. You have great customer service. Again thank you for your great customer service. I will recommend tatjacket to my other co-workers and anyone else who ask about them.

Bobby Tagle Scottsdale, TX

It works great and makes the boss happy, thank you.

Paul DeLanoit Scottsdale, AZ

“I was hesitant at first. But after wearing them [I thought] they look great with my uniform, the consistency of the cool feeling this product provides is a relief especially with the physical activity of my job. Tattoos are a way of life, allowing me to express myself. Each of my tattoos signifies chapters in my life. All are original work that I designed. Having to be restricted on expressing myself tends to be a drag, but if I want to keep the job I have to follow the rules. Luckily for me the color of my uniform works with the Tatjackets. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the way it looks. They are comfortable, refreshing and look very professional”.

Bruce Rivera Paramedic American Medical Response

I just received my Tatjacket and love it!! I'm a delivery driver and can wear shorts and short sleeves!!! THANK YOU!!!

Todd Powers Pittsfield, MASS

Thank you so much for a great product! I am a paralegal and have a large tattoo on my wrist, which my employer found unprofessional. I looked everywhere for something to cover it as bracelets didn't completely cover it and makeup was not an option. You saved me!!! I also recieved my TatJacket very quickly!!! I have highly recommended you to all of my "inked" friends!!!

Michelle Wardell Greely, CO

Hey, Just wanted to let you guys know that my package showed up today. Great product. Very good service. Thanks.

Derek Taphouse Bradford, Ontario Canada

I am excited to get the jackets, what a great product! The hotel industry owes you one!! Thanks again.

Allan Baudro Portland, Oregon

Tatjacket is a great product. It's so comfortable you forget your wearing it. Fast shipping. Thanks Tatjacket.

Tanner Rummel Leetonia, Ohio

I called you the day before Christmas Eve looking to place a rush order on Tatjackets for my boyfriend who an officer with LAPD and was always trying to find the best way to keep his tats covered. When I found your site and product first thing I thought was, dang it, someone took my idea. (Smile) I was just saying what a great product this would be and how well it would sell. I figured I’d let you know how happy he is with the tat cover and how appreciative I was at your willingness to even have a driver deliver the product to my home in Westlake Village if the recommended store was out of stock. (The Simi store did have several available) Anyway, you have a great product and your willingness to go above and beyond has stayed with me. I wish you the best of luck and…Hope 2010 is groundbreaking and profitable for you!

Jessica Woodland Hills, CA

I received my package of Tatjackets on Thursday and was finally able to wear a short sleeve shirt to work this morning! I'm so glad I found your website, the product is exactly what I had in mind I needed. I love them and will buy more in the future if I need to. Thanks

Yvonne Shoemaker Helena, MT

I just wanted to let you know that the Tatjacket arrived this morning and is fab!!! I can't believe that I've been all this time without knowing you guys existed.

Stef Matthews Kent, England

Your product is exactly what is displayed and that is hard to find! It's fitting, breathable, and above all, it does the job right.

Moses Stephens Palmdale, CA

Just wanted to let you know your product is exactly what I was looking for - and if not for a coincidence, I never would have heard of it. Great product!

Grace J Marks Albuquerque, NM

I got my package today. They look great. This is a great product and I will certainly be forwarding some of my friends and colleagues to you.

Todd Vinson Laguna Hills, CA

Mechanic by trade, boss doesn't like the tats. I have your jackets and they are what I have been searching for.

Tony Serafin Salem, Alabama

I bought a set of the tat jackets and want to say I am impressed. This is a nice option when meeting with clients and customers that don't realize I am sleeved on both arms. Thank you and I will be ordering another pair very soon.

Beau Adamson Greeley, Colorado

Works great, I use the large arm size for a leg tat and it fits great.

Francesco Illuzzi Orlando, FL

Just got my tatjacket in the mail. That was really fast service, and they fit great. Finally for the first time in two years I can go to work without a long sleeve undershirt on. Now I can enjoy hot days at work like everyone else thanks guys for a great product.

Jeff Wilson Shelby Township, MI

I received my order and my boyfriend and I love our tatjackets. We are both police officers and the tatjacket resolved our problem of having to wear long sleeved uniform shirts through the hot summer season! I just placed another order for a couple more tatjackets. Thank you!

S. D. Clayton, CA

My husband is a mechanic and wears these to work every day. They never roll, they are comfortable, and even keep him cooler. They cover the tattoo, but breathe beautifully and look professional. Just ordered a second pair to do less laundry. :)

KK Brooks

I was searching for a product that would allow me to cover my fore arm tattoo when department policy changed to no exposed tattoos allowed. Many coworkers ended up buying long sleeve shirts to wear under their uniform. I found these on Amazon and promptly ordered them. I had them within a couple days. There are two jackets in the pack, along with a bumper sticker that reads "my job does not define me, my ink does." Appropriate. Whats nice about these is that they are not warm at all, in fact, they seem to be much of the same material as used by name brand companies making tactical and sports shirts. During the cold days my arm was noticeably cooler under the sleeve than my other arm with out it. When its warm, it wicks moisture away leaving your arm feel cool and comfortable. This in the end, was a great buy. A far superior option for those of us that have tattoos and are not allowed to have them exposed at work.

Kevin Cart Fort Wayne, IN

Great product, great shipping, great price!

Nuno Rolim Lizboa-Odivelas Portugal

I am a waiter the tat jacket hides the ink nicely.

Danielle Neves The Woodlands, TX

First off I work in EMS so having tattoos visible on your arms sometimes gives people the wrong impression, I was happy to find your product, I received my order yesterday and I must say that is the fastest shipping I have ever seen. Before I placed my order I called to see what size would best fit me, the gentlemen that answered was kind and courteous and more that happy to answer all my questions. I am amazed on how great of a product this is. Thank you for creating something that serves the inked up population of the world.

Tommy Stockton El Paso, Texas

I just got my Tatjacket sleeves today and I love them! They are very lightweight and feel great! I live in Texas and the average temperature has been over 100+ each day. My arms actually feel cooler with the Tatjacket sleeves on! Thank you so much for making this product at a decent price!

Guinevere Gonzalez Austin, Texas

Excellent service, prompt delivery and product is excellent quality.

Michael Seymour Linden, Netherlands

Phenomenal product. Good price.

Matthew Storer West Midlands, UK

I don't have tattoos but I saw a police officer with one of your tat jackets on and I asked about it. I think you have invented a wonderful product. Good luck to you.

Rebecca Gutierrez

I recently just purchased Tatjacket from you. Looks like a great product. Thanks much, and thanks for saving my job for me!

Cody Danilson Houston, TX

Thanks again the Tat jacket works awesome....

Vincent R. Celes Brentwood, CA

Loved the first set I just got... just want another color...

Robert Coffy Murietta, CA

I use mine at work everyday...it ROCKS!!! Thank you!!

isis on Facebook

Hey guys just a quick note to say got my tat jacket great for new work rules, great product will be ordering more in the future, cheers.

Lee Leicestershire UK on Facebook

Okay so I was sitting on my back porch thinking "what can i do to cover my tattoos for job interview?" being a tattoo artist times are hard right now so I wanted to find a different job. All the sudden I had this idea pop in my head to try and make a sleeve to cover them. As I goggled this to see if the idea was already made, I found you guys. You know the saying "if you can't beat em, join 'em" ill be ordering my pair on Wednesday. Thank you guys for keeping the inked population in mind.

Joey BLOG Response

I am a federal govt employee and I am required to wear long sleeve shirts every single day of my job due to my sleeves on each arm. I thank you for making such an amazing product.

Michael Mills Atlanta, GA

I really dig the Tatjacket cover for sunscreen cover purposes!! I have great tattoos and when I play sports outside or when I am driving long distances, I have used them to keep the sun from beating them up! Thanks!

Wendy Anderson (on Facebook)

One of the best products on the market. Thanks for making such a great product. Effective and Comfortable.

JP Furman (on Facebook)

I bought your products a few months ago and I am thoroughly pleased! I work in the emergency room at our local hospital and I have to say that they are very convenient.

Patrick Kappauf Newark, DE

I just wanted to say this is exactly what I was looking. It's functional and fits great. I wish I would have thought of this idea.

Ike DiCampello

Hey guys just a quick note to say got my tat jacket great for new work rules, great product will be ordering more in the future, cheers.

Lee Leicestershire, UK on Facebook

I was sitting around the other day thinking "man, I wish someone would make some way to cover tattoos at work"...I hate wearing long sleeves. I googled 'tattoo sleeve' and found tat jacket…which brought to me your awesome product. I just received my tat jacket in the mail and I was impressed from the start. The fabric is great, right down to the printed logo on the sleeve. Man, you guys are great.I am a Police Officer in Jefferson County, TN. I am also a member of our 16 man SWAT Team. A lot of our SWAT officers are pretty well tattoo'd up. As soon as they see me come in wearing a tat jacket its all over…I got two in my package for 19.95!!!!!! I was only expecting 1! You guys are great. I'll have to expand on my art when I have a bit more time. I will also be sending you a SWAT and department patch when I can get an extra. Take care guys...Tat it up!

Kevin Poe Dandridge,Tennessee

The full sleeve black ones are perfect! FYI: folks at my PD are impressed with this solution to their new tat policy.

A.K. Boulder, CO

Being a former cop and currently working as a Paramedic/Firefighter my tattoos have never been an issue. I recently went back to college to become a RN and nursing school doesn't allow tattoos (sad, but true). I used your Tatjacket for the first time today and LOVED it! I will recommend your product to all of my friends/family with tattoos... THANKS!

Brad Sent via "Contact Us"

I'm a mail carrier here in NJ, the post office really doesn't care about all the ink I have, but I wanted a way to protect my ink from the hours of sunshine I work in everyday, the sunblock was getting expensive, and just a hassle to apply and re-apply on two full sleeves day after day after day, and then came along Tat Jacket....I love these, they're awesome! I was worried about how comfortable they would be on 100+ degree days here in Southern NJ, But they BREATH and feel great. Thank you again for the wonderful product. Thanks again. Tommy

Thomas Stubbs Jr Blackwood, NJ

Great product, I'll be a life long customer.

B. S. Heath, OH

I just received my product and all I can say is, wow! Thank you so much for offering such a great product. I am very petite and the sleeves stay put and fit great. Again, thank you so much! -Mia

Mia Petitti Wonder Lake, IL

Just wanted to say thanks for sending my order so quickly. The jacket is exactly what I need and I love the bumper sticker too. Will recommend to everyone I know. Thanks again, keep up the great work : )

Ann-Marie Randall On Facebook

Thanks for the product. the sleeves work great! =]

Liz Fairbanks On Facebook

Glad I found this!! I have been looking for something like this for a while. I live in Arizona and it's not fun to have to wear long sleeves to work everyday. I ordered a large because I went off the other reviews and how they said it fit, but wish I had went with a medium. I can pull it up all the way to my armpit and then have to roll it over to make it fit comfortably. I have a bright, colorful sleeve and you cannot tell I have ink when I wear this. My arm stays surprisingly cooler than my uncovered arm. My only gripe is that halfway thru my day I have to pull it back up as it starts to fall down after a few hours of wear. I have already washed it once and it still looks good. A lot of my clients with ink have asked where they can get one and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to cover their tats.

A. Williams Phoenix, AZ

Great product, very fast shipping, thanks so much!

Violet Duncan Portland, OR

Just want to tell you how great I think these are. I just got mine last night and was able to wear a short sleeve shirt today to work. Feels great not to be hot in the office and I can feel the cold air on my arms.

Justin Bird Pocatello, IN

Hello! I just bought a pair of your Tat Jacket cover-up sleeves and I am SO PLEASED! The price was great, the material is way more comfortable than the other products I've tried. I am a registered nurse and I work in a hospital that has just changed it's dress-code and we all have to cover our ink. MOST of my co-workers are inked and we're always swapping where we got our sleeves from. With your permission, I would like to advertise at my job for you. What can I do to spread the word faster? Can you send me something to print and I can hang it up?

Dannielle Buccithe

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