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“Your one-stop-shop for all your tattoo needs…”

The Tatjacket company and website are fairly unique in that they are geared exclusively toward the Tattoo customer. You know, the millions of people walking around showing their ink. Most websites offer goods and services to the tattoo artist or shop, not the “end user”. In fact, the entire reason for starting the company was to meet the specific unique needs of our tattooed friends.

Tatjacket was born in 2007 out of necessity. City, County, State and Federal agencies of all types, as well as, private corporations across the United States and Europe were adopting policies prohibiting the display of tattoos by their employees. With the mainstream popularity of tattooing, many employees found themselves with no options for concealing their tattoos during work hours.

Our very first product, launched in June of 2008, was the tan full-length tattoo cover-up sleeves pack. This was a hit, and since then, our line of tattoo cover up sleeves has grown to 32, with several colors and several styles.

Because not all tattoos are on the arms, and because not everybody is required to cover their tattoos, we continue to develop products that meet the needs of everybody in the inked world. From tattoo cover up products to tattoo care and maintenance products, to other related items we think our customers will use and enjoy. Here is some of what we now offer:

Tatjacket brand tattoo cover up sleeves
Tatjacket brand premium tattoo cover up liquid make-up concealer
Tatjacket brand Eclipse temporary tattoo covers
Tatjacket's Tattoo Science brand aftercare and maintenance products
Hide Ink brand temporary tattoo covers (purchased in 2019)

In 2011, we began firing up the creative juices on a line of tattoo care products. We wanted to address specific immediate aftercare for new tattoos and then ongoing maintenance for existing tattoos. We created the "TATTOO SCIENCE" brand. A holistic approach to tattoo care. The Tattoo Science Immediate aftercare kit includes everything you need when you get a new tattoo. The other Tattoo Science products include everything you need to keep tattoos looking sharp and make the colors pop.

Tatjacket has grown exponentially with each passing year. With our increased numbers of happy customers, our company size and product lines have grown as well. We have several new products in development, and will continue to bring them on line. We are also improving and adjusting our existing products to make them even better. Conceive, Create, Improve… That is our company development plan reduced to three words.

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